Waterproof laminate flooring

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Water in kitchen

Now and then we’ll receive an inquiry on waterproof laminate flooring which if you have any knowledge of flooring may know doesn’t exist. At least not in the form of traditional laminate flooring which consists of the wear layer, a design layer, a wooden composite core made of high-density fibreboard and a watertight backing layer. We are not referring to another product that sometimes gets confused with laminate flooring called luxury vinyl flooring or LVTs (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) and sometimes even laminated vinyl.

While some types of laminate flooring do get sold as being waterproof, they simply are not completely waterproof (as in 100% impervious to water). What is being sold is water resistant laminate flooring which is something that does exist. A good quality laminate floor offers exceptional water resistance, and this is one of the major distinctions between low-grade laminate flooring, and well designed good quality laminate flooring.

A low-quality laminate floor will absorb moisture much quicker than a high-quality laminate, whether that be from spills, moisture beneath the floor or humidity from the air. The reason for this is mostly a low core density. The higher the core density of a laminate floor, the longer it takes to absorb moisture and ultimately the less susceptible it is to swelling. Swelling is what causes laminate floors to peak, lift and to eventually fail completely. This swell rate of the floor is an excellent measure of core density and in the end, quality.

So while waterproof laminate flooring is a myth, a good quality laminate floor can handle a lot more water than what most people think and are more than adequate for use in areas where regular spills can occur like the kitchen. As long as they are dried up within a reasonable amount of time, this amount of exposure to water will have no effect on a good floor.

Core density is probably the most overlooked specification when it comes to laminate flooring. Unfortunately, this value is for the most part hidden from consumers. Instead, the AC rating of a floor which is by no means a measure of quality comes up every time flooring grades get discussed. The AC rating only has to do with the wear layer on top and has nothing to do with the core – the most important part of the floor. It is important to understand this distinction because when you start comparing pricing, you need to know why one floor costs so much more compared to another you may have seen at your local flooring shop.

So in conclusion. A high-grade floor will have a higher core density and will have a high level of water resistance which makes it ideally suited for most areas in the home, including the kitchen. If you do however require flooring that is 100% waterproof for areas like bathrooms, luxury vinyl or ceramic tiles may be better alternatives.

New range of Kronotex Exquisit, Mammut now available from Cape Flooring

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We’re excited to announce that the new 2016 ranges of Kronotex laminate flooring have landed in South Africa, and is now available from Cape Flooring.

The new Exquisit range offers a large selection of carefully selected decorations of different natural wood looks that are impressively realistic. Kronotex Exquisit is the perfect choice of laminate flooring for the price-minded individual who is not willing to accept anything less than high quality, European laminate flooring.

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The difference between good and bad quality laminate flooring

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In this article, we’ll look at what sets a good quality and cheap laminate flooring product apart. When considering purchasing new laminate flooring, consider these points carefully as you may end up being very disappointed with a floor that was sold to you “as good as” but at half the price.

There are many quality factors that one should consider when buying laminate flooring and finding the right “colour” should be the last item on your list when choosing which make or brand to install.

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New 2015 – 2017 Egger laminate flooring range

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We’re excited to announce that the new range of Egger laminate flooring is now available from Cape Flooring.

Below is an excerpt from the Egger Press release.

“Always up to date“: EGGER’s new laminate flooring collection brings together a multitude of cutting-edge decors with technical innovations and comprehensive service.

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How to correctly install click luxury vinyl flooring

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Click luxury vinyl flooring is an easy to install, synthetic flooring solution that is becoming increasingly popular. It’s not without its flaws, though. In some cases, it’s an excellent flooring solution but only when installed correctly and in suitable areas where temperatures are moderate and that get no direct sunlight. If installed incorrectly or in areas that are not suitable for click luxury vinyl, such as hot, sunny areas, it is a nightmare and could buckle and come apart completely in a short space of time. Not a pretty sight only days after you spent money on a very expensive product.

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Laminate Flooring Prices

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Laminate flooring prices in Cape Town varies based on the make of the product and also where the importers are based. You will pay less for laminate flooring that is shipped directly to Cape Town or for a product that is warehoused locally compared to a product that requires additional shipping from Durban or Johannesburg. Most popular ranges of laminate flooring available in South Africa are however also available in the Western Cape.

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How to choose the best flooring for your home

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One of the first things homeowners should know when they start shopping around for flooring is which floors are best suited for their property. Many would have seen an advert in a magazine, heard about a new type of flooring from a friend or have physically seen it installed somewhere and have already been sold on a certain type of floor.

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5 Mistakes people make when buying new flooring

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If you’re considering having new flooring installed and you’re starting to look around for a company to install your new flooring, there’s a couple of things to consider before you set off.

We often hear horror stories of flooring gone wrong and by the time we’re called, there’s nothing more one can do but to replace the floor entirely. Follow the advice offered below and you will make a much better, more informed decision about how and where to spend your hard earned money the best.

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Laminate flooring quality guide

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Quality is something we go on and on about, and there’s a reason for it. When choosing a laminate floor, quality can mean the difference between a floor that will last decades and one that will last a couple of years. Trying to save a buck or two on laminate flooring is simply not worth it. It’s not always the fault of the consumer however. Cheap, low-grade laminate flooring gets sold as quality products and terms like “just as good as” and “it’s all manufactured by the same people” should raise red flags.

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