Engineered Wood Flooring

Cape Flooring supplies and installs a wide range of oiled engineered wood flooring in Cape Town and surrounding areas. We offer a selection of both pre-finished oiled wooden floors available in a number of stains as well as a selection of lacquered wooden floors. White oak engineered wooden flooring is the most popular due to its durability, availability and is the first choice of designers because of its natural grain and the finishing possibilities it offers.


Engineered wood flooring which is also known as engineered timber flooring is a luxurious floor covering that is fast becoming the most popular choice for flooring in upmarket and modern homes. Also known as veneered wood flooring, engineered flooring comprises of a solid wood layer veneered onto layers of solid wood. These layers are veneered together in a cross-grain fashion to offer increased stability. Engineered wood flooring offers many benefits over solid wood flooring including cost, ease of installation and ease of maintenance to name a few.

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